What is all this about then?

This blog is so you can read all about our adventures with our T25 Volkswagen van, Skipper.

I bought Skipper in Oct 2015 which explains why there are not many adventures on the blog yet. Give me time though, I will excite, enthral and other emotive ‘e’ words!

Having owned a VW van (an LT28 which went by the name Bertha) in the past, I understand the high points which come with the travel adventures and the low points that come with owning a van where spare parts are as easy to come by as unicorn poop. If you don’t have the lows you cannot appreciate the highs. Bertha, who was sadly stolen, whet the appetite for camper van adventures. It has been 4 years since she left our lives and we are both very excited about what lies ahead.

A friend I work with, when seeing my excitement after picking up Skipper, suggested starting a blog and documenting our time with him. As all the cool kids are doing it, I thought I would too.

2 thoughts on “What is all this about then?

  1. So, it’s the weekend, where are you and Skipper off to? Will you tour the country in alphabetical order? Or will you just head on the open road and see where you end up? If you have a similar sense of direction to me, you may think you know where you’re headed but end up in some new and random place!
    Seeing you name the camper van takes me back to adventures in my first car. A little Triumph Herald called Bessie. Ah, happy days!


    1. I love a Triumph! When I win the lottery that will be one of my cars.

      We went to Hatfield Forest last weekend and made a cup of tea. The first big trip is half term in a week so keep an eye out for new posts!


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